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GHD Guardian Conditioner

By: Chris Kevin | Apr 12, 2011 11:38 AM

Treat your coloured hair with lot of care with the rich and effective GHD Guardian Conditioner. With this effective conditioner the colour is retained in your hair and the vibrancy and brightness of the shade lasts for longer. It contains an effective moisturizer that helps in maintaining the colour tone of your hair. Besides, it also enhances its elasticity and shine. 

Pros: the damage of the hair is repaired effective with the heat-activated ingredient present in the meadow foam seed oil. Wheat amino acids repair and replace cystine bonds in our hair, while the UVB absorber guards the hair against UV radiation. Ultimate shine is offered with the merquat, a positively charged conditioning polymer. Colour in the hair is retained well with its water-based silicone. Improved conditioning and resistance to high humidity is possible with hydrolysed vegetable protein. All these ingredients offer excellent care and protection to your coloured hair.

cons: No

conclusion: GHD Guardian Conditioner is easy to apply and is suitable for all types of coloured hair. The shine and colour in your hair lasts for longer. It is easy to apply and use.

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