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GHD Professional Ceramic Hair Straighteners

By: Rex Inego | Dec 05, 2007 03:16 PM

I suffer from extremly long thick frizzy hair thats in good condition/healthy.. naturally blonde never dyed so has had no chemicals to damage it.. i purchased them off a ebay shop, brand new for 75 (RRP ã100 i think) had them for about 2 years now. no problems with them what so ever.
Being at the age of 14 when i first started using them, long term you can see the damaging effects such as split ends, dry hair etc.. however you can keep the condition of your hair healthy by using a good quality condioner (it pays not to go cheapo) i recommened Andrew Collange, Charles Worthington, Treseme, John frieda ETC. Also using a sirum (i use Andrew collagne no kinks, this puts extra moisture into your hair that is taken out when straightened) and a heat defense sprey.. your sorted .. !
And every week or two, use a intensive conditioner to resore your hair ..
Oo yh and get a regular trim to keep your ends healthy and looking in good condition

Pros: *DEAD straight hair.. if used correctly.. *Transforms my hair from frizzy and dull to sleek and extremly shiny.. *After straighening, i can leave it for about 4-5 days before washing and repeating the process.. *No other straighteners work like GHD's *well worth the money *Recieve too many compliments about how nice your hair looks =]

cons: *Leaves hair dry short term & long term *My friends ghds blew up because she wrapped them up before they were cool.. so don't do this! *Burn your self very easily.. my other mate has a scar on her forehead.. *Takes alot of time to get the best results with GHDs on very frizzy / thick hair *Takes me about 45 mins to do.

conclusion: Would recommend for an instant transformation for frizzy hair.. Get the GHD medium sized ones if you just want to get the kinks out of your hair... On the other hand get the Afro Caribbean ones if you got VERY frizzy hair that you want to elliminate. I made the mistake of getting the medium sized ones however they do work just as good but its quicker with the thicker afro ones. I couldnt live with out them now..! Defo recomend..! Go on ebay there cheeper and mine lasted longer than those who bought it out of the shop.. They still work now =)

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