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GHD Tenderness Shampoo

By: Chris Kevin | Apr 02, 2011 10:20 AM

If you are looking for a mild shampoo for everyday use, then GHD Tenderness Shampoo should be a perfect pick. It helps in retaining the essential moisture in your hair, thus reduces dryness. After the very first application itself you will witness significant difference in your hair texture. It works deep in to the hair roots to offer smooth and silky hair. This shampoo is formulated for normal hair. 

Pros: Pros It strengthens the hair and reduces damage the caused from sunlight, heat and dust. This daily use shampoo not only improves the shine but also enhances its softness. UVA protection is also offered by this shampoo. It comes in a handy and easy to use bottle.

cons: No

conclusion: GHD Tenderness Shampoo is a part of GHD range of professional hair products and it offers gently yet effective care for your hair. It contains all the essential ingredients required to nourish and strengthens the hair. Get the natural shine back in your hair with this everyday use shampoo.

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