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Goody Detangling Comb

By: Chris Kevin | Aug 17, 2011 07:24 AM

Most of the hair breaks when you comb and brush your hair. To prevent unwanted breakage, you should make use of a good quality and wide-toothed comb, like the Goody Detangling Comb. With this comb, you can eliminate the knots and tangles instantly and at the same time create enviable hair styles. The handle is designed and shaped in such a way that you can grip the comb conveniently. 

This detangling comb is perfect for any hair types and any hair lengths. The soft teeth touch the scalp and they promotes better blood circulation. 

Pros: The extra long handle makes combing an easy affair. This comb is suitable for everyone as it works effectively on curly, rough, thick, thin or straight hairs. It detangles both wet and dry hair and prevents hair breakage. The comb can be used for kids as well as adults. It provides frizz free hair in just minutes. Combining thick and unmanageable hair becomes easy with this well designed comb.

cons: None

conclusion: Goody Detangling Comb offers better grip of your hair strands and helps you create great hair styles. This comb is perfect for the entire family and suits the combining needs of everyone.

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