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Great Hadham Golf Club, Hertfordshire

By: Rex Inego | May 07, 2008 09:20 PM

Great Hadham Golf Club is a sizeable complex with a lot of facilities. There is a full size driving range, which has about 20 indoor bays and about 8 outdoor mats/grassy areas that open in the summer. There is also a large putting green and a pitching and chipping area with a mock green. There is a pro-shop that is affiliated with, so it offers competitive prices although it is quite small. In addition to all these golf facilities, there is also a gym and a large bar, with an outdoor area that overlooks the course.

The course itself is an arduous trek, as its long and hilly in places, with lots of rough. This rough actually forms the most challenging hazard on the course, especially for players that lack accuracy. Although it doesnt look very intimidating, it surrounds most of the holes, and does a very good job of hiding any balls that enter it. When and if you do find your ball, it can be very difficult to play it out back to the fairway.

In addition to this rough, the course has a moderate amount of trees and bunkers, and the occasional water hazard. These donҒt pose a very big threat, which makes for fairly simple course management of just trying to hit every shot long and straight down the fairway until you reach the green.

The actual condition of the course can be a bit hit and miss depending on when you play it. In the summer, the fairways have a tendency to get quite dried out. In the winter they usually switch to temporary tees and sometimes greens, and they dont seem in any rush to switch back to proper tees as spring approaches.

The greens are usually fine, although when I played this week, they had been spiked and were very slow as they didnҒt appear to have been cut recently.

Pros: - Good practice facilities - Twilight offer that starts from exactly 4 hours from sunset - Temporary tees are very good non-mat based ones that you can put a tee in anywhere (although they are in force too often)

cons: - The course is somewhat by the book, with not much to distinguish it from others or make it interesting - The fairway does dry out too much at times

conclusion: Although there are quite a few things you can criticise the course for, it is still probably the best in the area, with the exception of Bishops Stortford Golf Club, which has green fees that are two to three times what you will pay here.

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