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Green Coffee – As Good As Medicine

By: Amelia Janet | Jun 08, 2011 05:36 AM

Green Coffee is becoming popular because it helps in weight loss. It has many other advantages as well if consumed as instructed by a health professional. Green Coffee helps in protecting the human beings from free radicals which play a part in causing cancer, arteriosclerosis, heart diseases etc. It makes them drink more water, resulting in more healthy and hydrated system. It is advisable to drink plenty of water, preferably not less than eight glasses of water per day. This helps in discharging the toxins out of the body. The coffee acts as a detoxifier. There are 2 types of green coffee, Green Coffee Pure Black and Green Coffee 800. Green Coffee Pure Black contains more coffee than Green Coffee 800. In the case of Pure Black, sufficient amount of sugar/milk need be added as required by the individuals. But Coffee 800 has milk and sugar added already. Both of them help in slimming. Leptin is included in Green Coffee. Leptin is a hormone which responds to starvation. The brain has to decide the amount of leptin and thereby the amount of fat to be kept in reserve and accordingly the metabolic speed. Obesity is due to the failure of the brain in determining the proper leptin level required. This results in slow metabolism. Coffee enables to take care of the leptin balance. Green Coffee should be consumed only once a day preferably just before or after breakfast. Double dose should be avoided. There is no harm in having the regular tea or coffee when you take Green Coffee. But it is observed that people try to reduce the intake of normal tea or coffee, once they start with Green Coffee. It is better to consult a medical practitioner before taking to Green Coffee. Though it helps in slimming and reduction of weight, it is not considered as a medicine, despite the fact that it is as good as a medicine. It is not meant for treating, curing or preventing any disease.




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