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GT Pro Series (Wii)

By: Rex Inego | Mar 24, 2007 01:33 PM

Sitting on the shelves next to all the launch games is GT Pro series boasting a free steering wheel.
But what of this game some gave it bad reviews lets find out what I thought.
With all the launch hype I wanted a racing game, well aware of the fact this game hadnt got rave reviews I was cautious but took the risk. I really didnҒt want to go for another Need For Speed title.

The free steering wheel comes in 3 parts and needs to be built although simple its quite tough to connect together, at nearly a loss of a finger. The Wii Remote should slide in and should not be forced the manual says, this is easier said then done as itҒs a very tight fit.

Now steering of course uses the remote like bike handlebars, which adds much more fun to game and a nice feeling of satisfaction when you get perfect slides. It controls quite well although better with wheel, I found the Remote alone to be too small for my big hands.

There are 10 courses with usual the mirror mode taking it up to a total of 20 courses. There settings are very basic such as Mountain or Green Fields and there layouts also not to complex ether. The game does give you choice of playing at night, evening and various weather.
As you play through championship mode you have to race with certain types of cars for different events much like Gran Tourismo. This does add a nice touch or else you proberly would lose interest more quickly. It does also feature a licence earning feature to progress.

The first set of races only comprise of 1 lap around the course making it a very short affair, although increases as you progress. When you complete events during the game you are rewarded with upgrades to tune up your car.

The graphics are rather strange and certainly not the best. The track side detail is kept minimum and the textures are bland, almost Nintendo 64. The game does however keep a good frame rate and nothing stands out as being awful. The cars have been cell shaded and do have some nice touchs such as reflections and lighting effects. The cars in fact I really like, itҒs just strange to have lovely cars put into a mid generation PS2 style tracks. The game does support 480p which does improve the look of the textures and sharpen the cars, it also supports 16.9 which is nice.
The sound in the game is very bog standard with whining engine noise that grate but arent too annoying. The music is really bad however, I love J pop, techno and crazy J rock. The songs in this game are low quality at best, you canҒt play your own tracks ether.
The game does have a feature called music player where you can listen to the tracks, god knows why you would want this pointless feature.

Although all of the above is quite harsh this once Gamecube title is indeed fun to play in the short term. The game is very lucky to be a launch game and fill that hole till another racing game arrives.

Although it wont take long to get through championship it does have a 4 player feature and a drift combo challenge. Most of the new Wii gamers which are pick up and play will enjoy this title IҒm sure, but for a gamer it wont go the extra mile. I wonҒt be getting rid of this game anytime soon however as its still fun to play and great way to introduce this type of control system.

Pros: Graphics Gameplay

cons: Sound

conclusion: If you can pick this up cheap and have quick blast, go for it dont expect a grade A title but have fun. IҒm sure the free wheel will come in handy anyway

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