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Guidelines to fitting washing machine hoses

By: Amelia Janet | Sep 07, 2011 10:26 AM

When you install washing machines you should be careful about certain things, like the storage place you choose, the ventilation, drainage and usage of hoses. When you install your new washing machine it is advisable to use a new hose as it will last longer than old ones. If you already have a new hose in good condition then you can go for that. However, if you are not sure about the quality of the old fill hoses its better to fit the washing machine with the new one, otherwise you will experience trouble with the hoses sometimes in the future. Another thing you should bear in mind while fitting the hoses is that, it should not be too tight. Fitting the hose tightly means it will lead to leakage as the rubber seal between the hose connection and the water valve may cut due to compression. You should not cross-thread the connector to tighten the hose. Refrain from using pipe pliers, but if you want to get a grip you can use a cloth. After connecting the hose you should check for leaks. Though, the hose connection will seem tight it will leak later on so be before pushing your washing machine back check for the leaks thoroughly. Normally, the hoses you get come in small sizes and most of the times there is very little gap between the washing machine and the plumbing. If you want to extend the length of the hose you should connect another fill hose to the existing one with a special connector. If you find this option very complicated then you should go for buying a hose that is relatively longer. The performance of the washing machine can depend on who you fit the hose. You can afford a washing machine and a store room that always leaks and floods. Therefore make sure you fit the fill hoses perfectly so that not future repairs or refitting is required.




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