A Wonderful Glossary on Bras

By: Chris Kevin | Aug 29, 2011 11:30 AM

Lingerie is actually a French term that means undergarments and it is an intimate clothing item that is particularly very feminine and radiates excitement, sensuousness and elegance. Very different from ordinary underwear that all people use, lingerie is meant to be femininely fashionable and meant to be an expression of a woman’s most intimate feelings. With the wide range of lingerie items available in the market today, of varying styles, colours and fabrics, there will always be something that will suit your tastes. When you think of lingerie of the first things that come to mind are panties, bras, petticoats and nightwear. However there are many other items that come under this umbrella. Given below is a glossary of the different things that can be included under lingerie. 

Glossary for Bras

 There is such a variety of bras available in the market that many people are not even aware of. 

The Balconette Bras are ones that have low-cut cups with straps that are set wide apart such that it appears as if it has a square neckline. You have both padded and unpadded ones and the cups are so styled that they push your bust up. It was so named because men in theatre balconies looked down on the women and this bra could not be seen from the top.


The Preformed or contour bras are the ones with fibrefill foam filling in the cups giving the woman a good shape. Even when not worn these bra cups stay in shape and suit women who look for coverage and control. 



The Full Cup bras are those that have a wired plastic boning lining that help to hold the bust up. They not only cover give the breast completely but also offer full support. They are suitable for all women no matter what their size, though they are best suited for those with heavy busts. They come in padded and unpadded varieties. 





The Demi or Half Cup Bras and the Quarter Cup Bras are designed for seduction. Though the half cups bras cover a little more of the breasts, the quarter cup ones cover even less. Both these types will suit women who have small breasts. You also have Halter Neck Bras that like the name suggests have straps that are tied round the neck. Most of them can also be converted into strapless and criss-cross models. 




 The Cupless or the Open-cup bras are made with just a frame and no cups in some cases there are shaped cups that have holes to expose the nipples. This type of bra comes under the erotic lingerie category and when a woman uses one, her nipples are clearly outlined through the dress that she is wearing. In this category falls the Erotic bras too and they are as the name implies styled to arouse the opposite sex. 



DD+ bras are designed for the woman with heavy breasts and are generally available in various sizes. Bras with wires stitched into the material just below breasts in the cups are what are called the Underwired bras. They give the bust a better shape and they are so designed that they help to separate the bust line to give a more defined contour as well as better support for the breasts. Initially wires were what were used for these bras, but today plastic as well as metal are used instead. 



Unlike the underwired bras, the Non-wired bras do not have the wires in the cups, they are designed for comfort. They are many varieties in this class and not having the wire in the cups does not mean that it does not give necessary support; some of the soft cup bras give as much support as the under-wired ones. 



The Triangle bras are made especially for those who have small figures and small breasts. They feature thin straps and very soft triangular shaped soft cups and are not underwired. You will also find plenty of Strapless Bras in the market and these are best suited for people who wear off the shoulder or strapless dresses. They are usually designed with silicon or rubberized beading that will help to keep the bra in place. 




The Push-up bras are made such that your breasts are pushed inward and at the same time upward to give people an impression of a deep cleavage and are extremely suited for women who wear dresses with deep necklines. When these bras are worn the breasts are gathered together closely by lessening the space between the cups, making the cleavage more prominent. These bras are best suited for occasion wear. 



Bandeau bras as you can imagine form the name are bands of fabric that is used around the bust. They do not offer the breasts any sort of support. There are the Plunge bras that are made to create a sexier look. It features a deep neckline with angled cups with a narrow centre gore making people see more cleavage than there actually is. Unlike the push-up bras plunge bras do not have much padding.



The Maternity bras for pregnant women have a wider support on the sides and the lower side 

of the bust. They usually do not feature elastic straps, cover the breasts completely and are created from good stretchable fabrics that can accommodate the woman as she becomes bigger. 

The Nursing bras very like the maternity bra have clips and flaps that when unclipped will drop down to assist easy feeding. 

These are the various types of bras available in the market. You can select them according to your need.