Glossary for Knickers and other Lingerie items

By: Chris Kevin | Sep 07, 2011 09:18 AM

Another important item in lingerie is the knickers. There are a wide range of kickers that you can get in the market. You have Full knickers that settle comfortably at the waist and completely cover bottom and features a low leg line unlike the G-String and the Thong. The Classic knickers are akin to the full kickers. 


Thongs have very little material on the back. It has just a small piece of material that passes between the cheeks so as to expose the buttocks. 


The G-Strings are like thongs the difference being that Thongs have a wee bit of more material on the back. Unlike the Thong the G-String has just a string that passes between the cheeks of the buttocks, thereby doing away with any panty line visibility. 


Brazilian knickers do not cover completely like the full knickers but offers more coverage than the Thong. It features a full crotch, but the design at the back can vary in different models.




The Shorty Knickers also called Culotte or hot pants are the female edition of the male underwear that has wide square-cut sides. They look good on straight hip figures. They do not have panty line visibility and are best suited for daily wear as they are really comfortable and offer excellent coverage when wearing shirts. They can also be used along with camisoles for loungewear.



The French Knickers are the last word in female style and comfort. They resemble loose-fitting, stylish shorts and can make anyone wearing them look good. More akin to the shorty knickers, the difference being that they do not feature elastic round the legs so they lie loosely round the bottom of the buttocks.



The Shapewear knickers come in varied designs and give you an excellent fit with complete rear coverage and a high waist. The Skirted knickers are actually full knickers with a nice looking short skirt attached to it. They look alluring and sexy when worn. 



Like Erotic bras, the Erotic knickers feature a very opportune opening or slit in the fabric where it covers the crotch. This is the specialty of these knickers and especially meant to be used in the bedroom. 


The maternity knickers are created from seamless, stretchable microfibre fabric, and like its pair the maternity bra will stretch and expand as the tummy of the mother to be grows. It offers good ribbed support in the back as well as the front. 

The Cheeky knickers are the name suggests are meant for fun and flirting. This model will make a great gift with styles ranging from alluring big bows to mischievous cut outs that show off the bottom cleavage and are designed with terrific frills. These knickers can look really lovely when worn. 



Bloomer knickers were initially loose pants that were gathered together at the ankles by cuffs and were used to safeguard decency in days gone by. They were used instead of long skirts when the skirts proved to be a nuisance and impediment to certain activities. However they are still extremely popular today. 



The Peek-a-boo knickers are ones that are full knickers, but with holes here and there to expose a little of the bottom. The tie-side knickers are adjustable as they are tied by ribbons, so much so the size too can be adjusted. 


Glossary for other lingerie Items

Other lingerie items include cosy fitting single piece bodysuits that resemble leotards. The Baby dolls are short chiffon nightgowns that are all done up with ruffles and lace, complemented with satin ribbons and tiny bows that make the whole attire so attractive. It is believed that the nightgown got its name from the movie “Baby Doll” in which carol Baker was the heroine who acted the role of Baby Doll. 

Chemises are sleeveless, slips that are loose and extremely comfortable to wear. Though when they were first created they were just plain A-line, today they are more shaped and seductive looking. 








The Camisoles are lingerie that has thin long straps such that it falls below the bust line and goes up to the waist. They are used more as a lining and are created from clinging material that offers shape but do not offer any support to the wearer. Today there are some styles of camisoles that can be worn out and these have cups stitched into them to offer the requisite support. 



Slips are another lingerie item that comes in varying lengths to suit the dress you are wearing. Teddy is a mixture of a camisole and a brief. It can be worn as nightwear or under clothes. 


 Under garments that are used to give body shape are called Shapewear. These pieces can change your body shape for the time being. Their main use lies in trying to control certain problem areas like the abdomen or buttocks, helping to make you look trimmer and with a better figure. 






Glamwear are a collection of luxury wear items that are created from sheer, soft and flowing materials in wonderful shades and tempting designs and styles. They are meant to be worn for parties, by the pool or beach side. They are attractive with the come-hitherto looks that can make heads turn. Loungewear is loosely fitted garments that you can lounge around in. 


Leggings are clothes that cover the legs and are something that can be used by both sexes. They are usually made from fabric like lycra, spandex, cotton or sometimes even with wool, silk etc. They are made in various designs and come in plenty of colours too. 

Merkins-Pubic Wigs were once upon a time used when people appeared nude on stage. Tanga is similar to Thong but narrower than a bikini. Girdles extend from waist to below the hips and generally have elastic material that gives the wearer shape. Today people use Shapewear instead of girdles. 



Corsets are tight fitting underwear that helps to give you shape and also assist in tucking in

your hips and abdomen. Corsets are usually made to order and so it is imperative that you get one that fits you correctly because it cannot be returned unless it is defective. The Under Bust Corset is similar to corset except that they from below the bust under your bra line to your hips. This is an excellent piece that can be worn daily or for an evening out. Basques are boned counterparts of corsets that are meant to be worn beneath the dress. They fit just right, nice and tight and cover the breasts though unlike the corset they are not so long. 

Bustiers like are extended bras that start from the bust and go on to the hips. They offer support and shape. Some of them even have garters that can be detached and the boning helps to give the body better shape. They are quite similar to the Longline bras. 

Waspies are a variation of corsets that help in giving the waist a real shapely effect. It was initially created in 1947 and during those days women wore the Waspies with special bras that seemed to lift the bust higher. Women over forty used this combo under garments to make people believe that they still had vivacious breasts like that you the younger girls.  

Pyjamas with their tops can be defined as nightwear that is designed to fit loosely. Robes, made from any sort of fabric are one of the oldest and sexier items of lingerie. Kimonos are traditional Japanese outfits with wide sleeves and a belt. This is a preferred loungewear amongst many women and is generally created from material with floral or scenic prints. They usually have buttons, toggles or sashes for closures. Nightwear is comfortable loose garments to use when relaxing or when you are ready for bed. Nightdresses or nighty’s also nightgowns are what one usually wears when you go to bed and you can choose one of any preferred length. They come in varied colours and materials.