Buyer’s Guide to Choose the Right Patio Heater

By: Rex Inego | Sep 21, 2011 11:41 AM

Who Uses the Patio Heaters?

The people who entertain guests outdoors, like the areas on decks, patio or around the pools can depend on the patio heater to keep them comfortable and happy. The fun is unlimited when entertainment is on the outside and cleaning up the areas too is easier.

Deciding the place to heat up

Electric heaters warm up the areas quickly while the patio heaters heat the spaces in a circular pattern. Powered by propane or natural gas patio heaters are economical as well. Generally electric heaters are used indoors as it needs to be hardwired for heat while patio heaters are for outdoors. 

Types of heaters

Portable - If one requires a portable heater then it should have wheels attached to it. The table-top heater is lighter and can be installed on any table while the electric heaters are the lightest and some come with wheels.

Tabletop - Small and compact, it requires minimal space for installation. It can be powered by a propane tank of electrical outlet and it is best recommended in smaller areas to heat up the spaces near sitting areas only.

Wall mounted - The wall mounted heaters are powered by electricity. It can be mounted on the wall and can be plugged into a regular household power outlet or hardwired. Being wall mounted, it does not require any wall space and can focus the heat to the required spaces easily. Depending on the model it may or may not be moved. 

Hanging - These space saving models can be hung down closer to the sitting area and are powered by electricity.

More Information

Type of fuel - The powerful propane heaters normally require a 20 lbs propane tank. The compact and smaller ones depend on the disposable propane cylinder for optimum efficiency. 

The most powerful ones are the commercial propane gas heaters. If a natural gas line is permanently fixed to the building then the patio heater can be attached to it. It is immensely powerful but not portable.

Electric heaters can be plugged into the wall. Convenient and stylish, it however is not powerful as the propane heaters. The smaller spaces can depend on the electric heaters for comfort. Infrared electric heaters heat objects rather than the surroundings and hence it is superbly efficient while is unaffected by cool breezes or higher winds. The traditional fire heating by burning wood is a lovely way to heat up the spaces and one can enjoy the crackle, snap and pop of fire wood!

Power - Propane gas and natural gas heaters are the most powerful ones and their power is rated in BTU’s. The gas powered ones are rated in BTU’s and the electric heaters are rated in Watts. The devices with higher BTU’s ensure optimum efficiency in limited time.

Construction - The basic heaters are made of Aluminium and the modern ones are made of stainless steel. The stainless steel ones are durable but costly. Vinyl covers for the heaters help protect the devices from harmful elements when not in use.

Dome - The larger the diameter of the dome (the topmost part of the heater) the more efficiently it distributes the heat.

Electronic ignition - The propane heaters are equipped with electronic ignition or Piezo ignition for safety. The risks involved in manually lighting the heater are high, so the electronic ignition ensures quick lighting by pushing the button. The sparks interacts with the fuel and heats up the spaces.

Safety - Generally the patio heaters are tough and stable as it has weighted base to prevent it from tipping over. With a tilt shut-off switch for extra safety, one can be assured of the shutting off the power supply if the device gets knocked over.

Benefits of Having a Propane Patio Heater

Propane heaters can be used for multiple purposes unlike the outdoor patio heaters and infrared patio heaters. It is convenient to carry it to any required space too. The propane gas heaters can be installed anywhere and it can be moved about easily. The other heaters need a specific place for installation.

However before purchasing the heater the place to install it should be finalized especially in homes with little kids. Optimum utilization of the space, excellent heating performance and safety are of utmost importance in every household. Propane gas heaters can be installed anywhere and moved anywhere as it is lightweight, when compared to the other heaters. It does not need professional help to set up and unpacking the package is also easier. With instructions provided to be followed religiously safety and comfort even in the coolest months heighten the appeal of it. 

Available in different sizes and stylish designs to suit the different needs propane gas heaters find innumerable applications in the homes, rooms or larger spaces. The right heater can be chosen easily by just measuring the size of the patio and selecting the suitable model.