The Fragrance Guide

By: Chris Kevin | Jul 21, 2011 09:19 AM

When you plan to buy a new perfume there are certain points that you should keep in mind and these are enlisted in this guide. Firstly remember never to shop for perfumes when you are sleepy or have a cold, as these could mar your sense of smell.


The ideal means of knowing what a perfume smells like is to dab a few drops on your wrist. If you are trying more than one perfume ensure that you wipe of the earlier one with a moist cloth. You can even spray a little into the air to know the smell. 


If you are gifting a perfume to someone, ensure that you know their likes and dislikes. It can be presented with a scent base that looks really pleasing and elegant. Manufacturers of perfumes are well aware of the fact that people of both sexes love to smell good with exotic fragrances. Typically these fragrances are designed to induce both emotional as well as sensory reactions. 


Fragrances can be categorized into floral, fruity, woody and spicy scents for the ladies and Citrus, woody, spicy and leather for men. Now these categories are be offered by various scent manufacturers. For the woman, floral scents are offered in Eternity by Calvin Klein and Oscar by Oscar de la Renta. CK One and CK Be by Calvin Klein and Glow by J-Lo are the fruity fragrances, while you can avail D&G feminine by Dolce & Gabbana. The woody scent for women can be found in Obsession by Calvin Klein. 


The men’s fragrances are now becoming the order of the day and all men feel that fragrances should now be a part of their wardrobe too. The citrus scents for men are offered by Calvin Klein in CK One, Masculine by Dolce & Gabbana, and Giorgio Armani offers the Acqua Di Gio. Cool Water by Davidoff and Hugo presented by Hugo Boss represent the woodsy scents. Polo from Ralph Lauren and Quorum Cologne from Puig are the leather scents that are designed to attract people in a social gathering. They are so well gift wrapped that it is a pleasure gifting them you your male friend. Bear in mind that extremely potent fragrances can be a bit too much. Therefore tread carefully when you are looking for fragrances for men. Fragrances can have a great impact on the opposite sex, making your life real fun. 


Other than perfumes for the body fragrances can also be used in homes so that your home always smells good. If you spray some on the lampshade before switching the lamp on, the warmth from the light will help to spread the fragrance into the entire room making it feel good when you have guests. 


Know the right concentrations for fragrances

Fragrances can be classified into different classes according to the concentration of their components in their scents. Among them perfumes have the highest concentration of perfume compound while fragrances like lotions, creams splashes, aftershave lotions, soaps and other than various other cosmetics have low concentration and eau-de-colognes and eau-de-toilettes are either water or alcohol based perfumes that contain slightly higher perfume content. Eau-de-parfum is more concentrated while perfumes are the most concentrated with 20-50% perfume compound. 


There are a variety of fragrances like Mass fragrances like Revlon, Coty and Adidas are great and are affordable too, whereas Prestige fragrances like Obsession, Desire and P are more pricy and considered luxury items. Their scents are more multifaceted combining the exotic with more pricey components when compared to the mass fragrance items. You also have the celebrity fragrances for example Glow from J-Lo and Curious from Brittney Spears that were introduced by celebrities and are found only in sample bottles. However more research and development have gone into these products, the end result of which is that they appeal to lots of people and real high quality stuff.