Buying Guide for Hair Dryers

By: Chris Kevin | Jul 22, 2011 05:45 AM

Hair Dryers are one of the electrical items most commonly used by both people of both sexes to style their hair. There are many types of hair dryers in the market today to suit individual needs, because everyone who uses a dryer has a specific requirement. The main point when you are looking for hair dryers is that get one of good quality and one that is durable. If you are one who travels a lot, then get a portable one for your travel and a standard for use when you are at home. 


Consider all the important features of the hair dryer before you purchase one. They have so many features that you should know what they are so that it will hasten your buying process without having to be uncertain over the features when you are at the store. 


There are ionic dryers that dry your hair by breaking down the molecules of water in the hair, at the same time leaving your hair hydrated, more glossy and controllable. The preference for this type is mainly due to the fact that it is believed that heat can damage hair and the ions used in these dryers are less harmful. Dryers have various settings that can regulate heat, speed and is often provided with a cool shot button that is ideal for setting hair.


Hair dryers come in various colours, sizes and weights. Select ones where the grills can be taken off for cleaning purposes. The lighter they are the more convenient they will be to handle. The dryers with long cords and nozzles are better for focusing air to enable you to direct to the hair to style them more easily. Don’t spend too much on a dryer with too many extra fittings that you may never use. It would be in your interest to select a basic hair dryer or blow dryer.


Some of the most commonly used hair dryers at home and in beauty parlours are the standard DC hair dryer, the Salon Performance AC hair dryers, diffused attachment dryers, portable and foldable travel dryers and dryer hoods to name a few. Ceramic hair dryers are good as they spread heat evenly throughout the hair. Dryers with retractable cords are useful for stacking the dryer away after use. 


The flat iron dryers have two long plates of either ceramic or metal plates that when heated up and applied to your hair can straighten them out like magic. The ones with ceramic plates that can be used on damp or moist hair are gentler and work better on the hair like the Farouk Chi Wet/Dry Straightening Iron. 


Remember to apply some silicone or straightening cream on the hair before you use a flat iron. It aids in setting the hair better and prevents escape of moisture. Flat irons should not be used daily. 


For straight and glossy hair use ionic dryers integrated with tourmaline technology and ceramic components that give off infrared heat to give you shiny, straight and moist hair. For hair that is curly by nature you may probably have to use a diffuser attachment to make your hair look good by reducing the frizz. 


You also need to take into account the wattage, the power, and the time it will take to dry your hair, depending on what type of hair you have. Further it would be better to buy one that has a dual voltage meaning that it can convert 110/120V to 220/240V and has a standard adapter included.  A dryer with a built-in brush for better styling can come in handy. 


There are other dryers like wall mount dryers that save precious space, or have a dryer holder in the bathroom so that your bathroom counter is not too crowded. Last but not least remember to look up the warranty period of the hair dryer you select; look for ones that are good quality and have extended warranty.