Planning to Purchase A Treadmill - Here Are Some Points To look Out

By: Chris Kevin | Aug 05, 2011 10:47 AM

Treadmills have become extremely popular, especially for home use. Purchasing a treadmill can be very challenging given the fact that there are such a variety of them in the market today. Many of them have such diverse features that you find it really difficult to make a decision. Here are a few suggestions and tips that maybe of help when you are out shopping for one. Before you go to the store decide what the feature you want in a treadmill are, whether they are features that you actually require and also whether you can get what you want within the budget you have set aside for it. 

With the facilities of the Internet, you should have no problem searching for what you want. The Internet is a warehouse of information on everything, so you can rest assured that your research on the equipment will not be a wasted effort. One point that you have to realize is that what is best for someone else need not necessarily be what is best for you. Various people have varied requirements and there is no treadmill that suits everyone. 

Key points to Consider

 The motor is the mainstay of the equipment. Today all good brands have decently good motor that range between 2.25 and 3.5 horsepower. You will surely fine ones with higher horsepower, but the normal horsepower for home treadmills will be between 2 and 3 HP. You can even avail of treadmills that have no motor, but just a couple of hundred pounds more for a motorized one is worth your while. 

Another factor to look into is the running area. Normally running area is 55 to 60 inches in length and 20 inches in width. However if you are really tall go in for a 60 inches running area. If you have doubts about what you may need it would be a good idea to try one out at a gym or store before you take a decision. 

Treadmills with cushioning feature are more effective than the ones without it. Today you can even get ones where there are adjustments for this feature. This is great for people who have joint pain. It goes without saying that they are more expensive too. 

Speed is another feature that you need to look into. For a normal person who is a brisk walker 10 miles per hour speed should be good enough. However if you sprint, look for something that offers 12 miles per hour. A light incline will also be a good idea and this will more than compensate for your walk on the pavement. An incline of 1.5 to 4 degrees can be a great help especially when on a treadmill you are not moving against the force of the wind. Well if you happen to like incline hiking, then probably you should try looking for an incline trainer. 

Fans fitted in the treadmill provide a cooling feature and if you are one who sweats profusely you could look for a treadmill with a fan. Treadmills are generally of two folding types; the flat folding ones that can be stored under a bed and the upright folding type that can be leant against a wall in a cabinet.  Choose one according to your storage capabilities at home. If you have a whole room to spare for the treadmill, then you may not  require the folding feature at all, but no matter what you buy ascertain that they have wheels so that they can easily be transferred from one room to another if the need arises. 

Ensure that the treadmill that you buy can bear your weight and that of those others who will be using it. Generally their weighing capacity will range between 250 and 350 pounds.

One very important factor when buying a treadmill is the warranty period. Look for ones with life- time warranty machines because these are the machines that are made from excellent quality material and will really last a life time if used well. Of course they are pricier too. 

The new generation treadmills come packed with all sorts of exciting features line a music system, a magazine reading rack, a graphical monitor, etc. They are all extra garnishing that can be done without. 

Try to wangle free shipping to your doorstep, no matter where you are when you purchase a treadmill, because shipping costs are quite steep. And do not forget the fact that all said and done treadmills are costly equipments and if you can avail a good branded one at a discount sale you can strike a great bargain. Therefore keep your eyes and ears open!