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Hair Ott, Isambard Brunel Road, Portsmouth

By: Rex Inego | Aug 08, 2007 10:21 AM

All i wanted was a trim...

Pros: At first the staff seem very friendly (at reception).

cons: There are too many staff and trainees running around all over the place, they have no compassion or care for customers and completely embarrassed me in front of an entire salon full of customers when they ASSUMED i had head lice when i have dermatitis - which i explained BEFORE i had anything done to my hair! After having my hair washed and combed very VERY harshly, TWICE, the hairdresser shouted accross the room for a collegue to come over who looked at my hair for no more than 1 second, declare it MUST be nits, based on ZERO evidence and made me feel like a complete lepper.

conclusion: I will NEVER use Hair Ott EVER again after this experience. I have since sought out medical advice and confirmation that i DO NOT have head lice and will be making a formal complaint about the way i was treated. Even if it was nits it wouldnt bother me coz they are easily treated, but it is the way that this entire situation was handled that was just utterly appalling. No people skills what-so-ever, and considering the person cutting my hair had been there for 7 years, if she hasn't learnt any by now, she never will. Utterly useless.

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