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Happy Party with Hello Kitty & Friends (Nintendo DS)

By: Chris Kevin | Sep 05, 2011 11:28 AM

Happy Party with Hello Kitty & Friends (Nintendo DS) is designed to make your child’s gaming hours fun and exciting. Let you children who loves video games get the maximum gaming experience with it. It enhances the playing skills and talents of your child. Designed for Nintendo DS platform, this game is perfect for kids 3 and over. This video game allows the players to join a fun party with Hello Kitty and her friends. 

Pros: This game welcomes the player to a wonderful child party environment and provides wide opportunities for various fun-filled activities. You can pass time dancing, shopping and cooking. When you conduct the party you can send invitations to Hello Kitty’s friends. Dress making activity, lets the child participate in dress cutting, sewing and ironing. Besides, the children can engage themselves in button game, material hoopla or the maze game. During party time you can dance, party, play games like spot the difference, the slide puzzle or the memory game. All these games help in enhancing the children’s memory abilities and other talents. Your child will never get bored with this excellent video game. It expands her/his playing skills and develops the individual interests.

cons: None

conclusion: At cooking time, you can do activities like slicing, frying, washing and even cleaning. You can shop for items from the list and then shop. This Happy Party with Hello Kitty & Friends will make your everyday game play exciting and fun-filled.

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