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HARPER'S Bazaar Magazine

By: Rex Inego | Jun 05, 2009 07:46 AM

The complete entertainment magazine that gives better insight for the latest women with features regarding stunning fashion stories, informed arts coverage and informative beauty pages, HARPER'S Bazaar Magazine (formerly Harpers and Queen) is ideal for the females.

Superb coverage with detailed articles on health & fitness, money & finance, home making, interior decoration, travel, entertainment, art and crafts, it is the ideal package for the woman who leads, not follows!

Pros: Printed on glossy magazine for the woman of substance, it provides the best insight into every aspect concerning every female. Each subscriber becomes a member of the Bazaar VIP club to receive exclusive offers, discounts and treats every quarter.

cons: It is available only every quarter.

conclusion: Feasible for the highly discerning sophisticated women, this magazine combines every aspect for the leading women plus insatiable offers every quarter! Complete with advertisements, reviews, information regarding health, fitness, finance, fashion, trend in vogue and photographs, it is ideal for women of all age groups!

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