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Hawaiian Kona, the pride of Hawaii's Landmark Coffee

By: Evabarnet | Jun 21, 2011 05:42 AM

The flavour of coffee and the coffee bean depends on various factors. Right from the region where it is planted, to the climatic condition of the region, the rainfall, the sunlight, the altitude etc. Besides these geographical differences, it also depends on the stage at which it was plucked, the method of processing, drying, and roasting. Needless to mention the quality of the seeds makes a big difference in the quality and taste as well. These days you can easily shop for ever brand of coffee online too. If you look out in the coffee market you will find Kona brands at the top bracket. Kona is the Hawaiian coffee that is planted in the Kona district. The rich volcanic soil with heavy rainfall, as well as ample sunlight and tropical weather conditions make the coffee estates in the Kona region the apt soil for the best coffee flavour in the world. One can trace coffee plantation here since 1800’s. The Hawaiian law is very clear that only coffee grown in this region gets the label as the authentic Kona, and is tagged as “100% Kona Coffee”. The characteristic taste of this region is so noteworthy, that even Kona blends need to state the percentage of Kona in it. Kona coffee harvesting follows the same traditional ways like using organic fertilizers and organic pesticides, making the coffee bean healthy. It also uses non-mechanical harvesting. The growing area limits to two miles wide and twenty miles long. The Hawaiian coffee bean undergoes hardly any mechanical process to ripen and the beans are chosen only after they ripen, so that the beans have the same maturity, size, colour and are similar in flavour too.




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