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Hawaiian Tropic Aftersun Moisturiser 200ml

By: Chris Kevin | Aug 17, 2011 09:13 AM

If you are someone who takes a sun bath frequently, then you should buy the Hawaiian Tropic Aftersun Moisturiser 200ml. This after sun moisturizer is very essential to bring back the moisture in your skin. Available in a 200ml packing, the Aftersun Moisturiser lasts for longer. This product intensely nourishes your dry and dull skin offering a glow. It keeps your skin supple, soft and shiny. 

Pros: With essential ingredients and extracts, this moisturizer removes all types of skin irritations. Constant exposure to sun, water and wind will bring significant harm to your delicate skin. This moisturizer is specially designed to address all these skin related issues. The moisturizer contains Vitamin A, E & Aloe Vera that will help to create a healthy and fantastic looking skin. A Subtle exotic fragrance lingers in your body and it smells really good. Even after the first application you will find significant difference in your skin texture. The moisturizer can be applied all over the body and it effectively soothes sun stressed skin. The Hypoallergenic formula retains the tan by moisturizing it. It comes in a handy container that can be carried and used easily. Apply the moisturizer all over the sun exposed body parts and get excellent nourishments.

cons: None

conclusion: Hawaiian Tropic Aftersun Moisturiser 200ml not only replenishes the skin but restores the essential oils. This product can be used after showering or bathing. It offers great results and you are left with soft and well nourished skin.

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