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Heatseeker (Wii)

By: Rex Inego | May 10, 2007 06:44 AM

Everyonce in a while a game pops up without much publisity, but is a great game. Heatseeker is one of these games, its non-stop action all the way.
The variaty of planes is amazing and with differnt bundles of missiles its good to just see the differnt ways you can kill people and whats more effective.
The impact cam is one of the funnest parts of heatseeker, as if you hold the fire button you get to see the plane or bunker explode.
In the later levels it Gets exeptionally hard, as in one mission you have to kill about 50 planes all by your self, and the last mission is near impossible.

Pros: -Great fun! -non-stop action -loads of missions -loads of planes -loads of missiles -very long gameplay

cons: -soooo hard -graphics are not great -gets fustrating some times -your teams other pilots are rubbish

conclusion: Overall Heatseeker is one of the best wii games, with a great control system, plenty of gaming time and with missile cam. This game deserves to be high in the charts.

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