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Hempz SPF 15 Lotion 145ml

By: Andrew Wilson | Aug 25, 2011 04:35 AM

A perfect skin protector Hempz SPF 15 Lotion 145ml is water resistant too! Rich in moisture, it is fifteen times more effective than other skin protectors. Enriched with the goodness of hemp seed oil, it provides skin the perfect protection from environmental damages. 

Pros: Hempz skin lotion protects your skin from environmental and natural stress offering health and relief to your skin. The moisturizing abilities of the lotion prevent dryness and maintain your skin baby-smooth. Skin gets nourished and conditioned due to continuous application of the lotion. Moreover, the lotion provides protection from UVA/UVB rays, which can damage your skin deeply

cons: No

conclusion: Hempz SPF 15 Lotion 145ml is a skin protecting lotion endowed with abilities to protect skin from natural elements and dehydration. The Hempz seed oil extracts in the lotion makes your skin healthy and beautiful

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