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History of First Acer Laptop

By: Chris Kevin | Sep 24, 2011 08:05 AM

The introduction of Aspire PC by Acer in 1995 made a dent in the laptop market. Within a year Acer became the ninth biggest producer of computers. Acer, unlike other popular brands does not have a long standing history to boast of. They entered the industry after other popular brands established themselves in the market. The purchase of the PC division in 1997, from Texas Instruments, was a landmark in the growth of Acer. In 1998 they further expanded by expanding their notebooks, employing multimedia processor of Intel. The two new models of Acer had features like 150 MHz Pentium MMX chip. The costly AcerNote Light 386 with 2 GB hard drive, CD-ROM and 32 MB of RAM was a hit in the market. AcerNote Light 383 was less pricey, yet had like features like that of AcerNote Light 386. It had 24 MB of RAM. In 1998 Acer brought in other laptop models for fewer prices. However, the processors of these laptops were slow, they had less RAM and their hard drives had low capacity. Desktops ruled the roost during those times, and laptops came no where near. Today Acer has laptops in every category. Though Dell and Sony were considered to be the high end products among laptops, consumers realize now, Acer laptops is not inferior to them in quality in any way. The company is on the path of growth and consumers await the Acer tablets and smart phones soon in the market.




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