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How to Clean Laptop Keyboard

By: Evabarnet | Sep 16, 2011 10:01 AM

Sometimes it so happens that you either spill something on to the laptop keyboard and some of the keys just refuse to budge. Well there is no cause for worry nor do you have to get the keyboard replaced. You can clean them at home if you have the necessary items. However, you have to be extremely careful when you try popping off the keys to get them cleaned. Pay special heed to the rectangular keys as they are more difficult to take off as they have metal prongs that hold them down. Some of the things that you will require to go about the keyboard cleaning process are cue-tip for cleaning a few keys, which means you may require a few cue-tips, a glass of water and something that is thin and tiny that can be used as a level to try to take the keys off the keyboard. It could be a small pocket-knife or the like. Method First of all switch off the laptop. Make this a habit when you are working with the hardware. Spilling some liquid on to a particular key on the keyboard is not so difficult, however on the laptop; there are chances that the spilt liquid could have seeped into more than just a few keys and other significant parts of the device. This could probably create trouble later on. Using the sharp and thin object like the pocket-knife, try and insert it between the sticky key and the base of the keyboard. If you have long finger nails you can use that instead of the pocket-knife. You can remove more than one key but remember that you should be able to remember which key goes where when you have to put them back. Carefully lift off each key with the help of the pocket-knife. You donít have to panic if it is a little difficult to take off, but donít worry. All keys are attached firmly on to the keyboard by means of tiny plastic pieces that have two dents in the sockets of the key. In addition as these are flatter than the key of the desktop, keyboards they are more difficult to take off. Just lightly dip the cue-tip in the water such that the tip is moist, use this to clean the back of the laptop key that you have taken off as well as the area around the socket. This will ensure that all the dirt is removed. Once it has been thoroughly cleaned replace the key and press it a couple of times to ensure that it works right. Clean the other keys exactly as you have done the first one till you are certain that all the sticky keys are clean and tidy. Your laptop keyboard should be back in good working condition if you have carried out the steps correctly.




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