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HQ - Yukon - Sport Kite

By: Rex Inego | Jun 19, 2009 09:10 AM

Durably made out of fibreglass hybrid technology and 5mm carbon fibres, HQ - Yukon - Sport Kite has a very strong and solid frame. It has dimensions of height 84cm and width 164cm. The sail is Nylon made and the blendline features 45kp, 2x 20m 66ft on the winder inclusive of straps.

Pros: To ensure great stability during higher speed range of winds, it has a well designed bridle. The profound sail has it all to ensure slow and best flights of amazing precision and stability. It can fly at a wind speed ranging from 6-25mph.

cons: None

conclusion: Highly advanced and convenient to use, this stunning kite is perfect for starters to provide them with the ability to execute various tricks.

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