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Hugo Boss Bottled Woman

By: Chris Kevin | Apr 05, 2011 08:37 AM

If you love fruity and floral fragrance, then Hugo Boss Bottled Woman should be the perfect pick. This perfume is created for the daring and active women out there. It goes well with your fashionable sportswear. With interesting fruity top notes including tangerine and mango and kumquat, you will get all attention as your enter the room. The bottom notes include heart, freesia, orris, passiflore, while the base notes are sandal and cedarwood. 

Pros: The fragrance is a blend of fruity notes, aquatic florals and woody smell. Though it has a strong smell at first, it vanishes off quickly leaving a pleasing, mild scent. This fruity floral blended fragrance will definitely express the gentle, feminine side of yours.

cons: The appearance of the bottle is very plain and simple. This perfume may smell like any other fruits scents.

conclusion: Hugo Boss Bottled Woman is definitely worth trying out. The fruity smells will stay on for long. It is suitable for all ages. Unlike the fragrances with seductive notes, this perfume has a decent and feminine touch.

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