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Inferno Terminator T3

By: Rex Inego | Jul 26, 2004 03:36 PM

The Inferno Terminator T3 paintball gun is the top of the range marker from the Inferno range from Arrow Precision.

This gun is suited for tournament play, and is allowed at most rec ball days out.

This paintball gun has very few available upgrades for it, and the ones available are things like new barrels, a drop forward etc.

The gun comes with a double trigger as standard, which is pretty light and a good rate of fire can be achieved with practice.

An electronic trigger is available which is a good upgrade but all that nessesary.

The Inferno Terminator T3 comes working straight out the box and can be run on either Co2 or Air straight away. (Air is recommended for better consistency and accuracy, and also using Co2 can freeze the gun (makes it go VERY cold), which on most markers would cause problems, but with the T3, temperature doesn't seem to make any difference to it and it will shoot accurately and consistently all day long.

Pros: Looks really nice and comes in a variety of colour. Mine was chrome/blue. Good trigger. Requires next to no maintenance (just a squirt of oil in the ASA and some blank shots is enough to keep it sweet for your next game) very durable and can be knocked about without seizing up. Very accurate even with standard barrel Shoots consistently all day long until you have no air left. Seems to be quite air-efficient. It never went wrong the whole time i had it. Cheap for the quality of the gun

cons: Not many upgrades to play with Not very well halanced (i prefer the foregrip to be closer to the trigger guard) Not very light so holding the gun up for long periods can start to ache your arms if you don't have a drop forward to keep the gun more compact. The top feed requires a hopper with an elbow for it to fit well.

conclusion: Overall i highly reccomend this marker to anyone new to paintball and to anyone looking for a basic tournament marker. This gun will do a lot for you and doesn't require a lot of care and attention like some other paintball guns. For ?220, it's a bargain and will serve you well!

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