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JBL GT5-A604 Amplifier

By: Chris Kevin | Mar 07, 2011 05:06 AM

Well built quality and quality rich audio performance are the reason for the well acceptability of JBL GT5-A604 Amplifier. This 4 channel amplifier offers appeasing music output with 640-Watt output power. LP/HP/flat is the cross over characteristics of the unit. This amplifier comes with Built-in variable electronic crossover. 85dBA is the signal to noise ratio of the unit and offers 10Hz-100 kHz (-3dB) frequency response. RCA low-level preamp inputs, RCA low-level preamp inputs and Auxiliary outputs are the connectivity options in the unit. For varied audio feel you can go for the bass boost feature of the amplifier. The gadget is highly recommended to use in a car. This innovative model comes with a range of features to amaze you with the music performance. 12 dB/octave is the supported cross over slope. 60 Watt - 4 Ohm - 4 channel(s), 80 Watt - 2 Ohm - 4 channel(s), 160 Watt - 4 Ohm - 2 channel(s) is the output details of the unit. The gadget supports active cross over in addition to Short circuit protection and temperature projector. For operation the gadget requires 0.2 - 6V input signal voltage. This bridgeable model offers 60 W x 4 RMS Power at 4 Ohms and 80 W x 4 RMS Power at 2 Ohms. JBL GT5-A604 640Watts Amplifier has Width 9.25 in, Depth 12 in. and Height 2.13 in.

General Information
Brand JBL
Model JBL GT5-A604 Amplifier
Dimensions 305mm x 235mm x 54mm
Impedance in ohms 4 ohms
Total Harmonic distortion ?1%
Wattage 640Watts
Variable crossover 12dB/oct., 20Hz 320Hz;front
Signal to noise ratio 85dBA
Number of Channels 4




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