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Jelly-cells laptop batteries undergoing trials

By: Evabarnet | Sep 13, 2011 10:41 AM

Laptop users can benefit from cheaper battery alternatives once the polymer gel based batteries succeeds its trials. Polystor Energy Corporation, an American company has been given license to trial the jelly-cells. Polymer gel, capable of substituting liquid electrolytes in rechargeable lithium cells can take any form and size to suit the needs of the product. As soon as the trails are completed, the jelly-cells will be used in portable electronics. Both cheaper and lighter, these cells can be benefited by portable electronics. These batteries are safe to be used on products, unlike the commonly used lithium-ion batteries. Problem with lithium-ion batteries are that it can catch fire or explode but the jelly-cells manufactured using lamination effectively seals the electrodes making them less inflammable. This is due to the absence of surplus flammable solvent and liquid electrolyte. Jelly-cells that contains 70 per cent liquid electrolyte can be manufactured in mass cost-efficiently and quickly. Professor Ian Ward is leading this project and he explains the manufacturing process of the polymer gel same as making ordinary jelly. In this case, polymer and electrolyte are combined, he noted.




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