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John Lewis VE35 Toaster

By: Andrew Wilson | May 10, 2011 02:52 AM

Creating waves in the industry with its stylish design, superb performance and user-friendly features, John Lewis VE35 Toaster offers the best at pocket-friendly rate. It has retro style and ample features and facilities to meet the demands of users worldwide. With bread toasts becoming part of the regular menu, it can be made with almost hands-free freedom. Up to 2 slices of bread can be toasted at a time and the power required is 750 watts. Unique features like defrost to thaw the frozen slices without frequent manual intervention; variable browning controls to cater to individual demands; handy reheat button to enjoy a quick hot munch and cancel button to stop the set features mid-way are part of it. The delicious crunchy toasts with soft interiors can be enjoyed with fruits, vegetables, greens, and dairy or poultry items whenever required without any mess or fuss. A quick way to satiate the hunger pangs this toaster is ideal for every home. John Lewis VE35 Stainless steel Toaster is easier to clean and maintain and the style of it is par excellence. This compact design heightens the charm of the interiors with the charm of it. Priced competitively, it offers the best value for price.

General Info
Brand John Lewis
Model John Lewis VE35 Toaster
Colours available Stainless steel
Type Automatic
Slice Capacity 2 slices
Housing Stainless steel
Power Consumption 750 watts
Defrost option Yes
Middle Cancel function Yes
Browning control Yes
Reheat option Yes




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