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Johnson S8000 Full Commercial Stepper

By: Chris Kevin | Jul 13, 2011 10:25 AM

With the Johnson S8000 Full Commercial Stepper you can benefit from intense, whole body workouts. With a stepper, it offers authentic climbing actions strengthening all your major leg muscles. It comprises of a large7" blue backlit graphic LCD display with workout profile window featuring 14-character red LED alphanumeric instruction centre and 3 numberic 7-segment (3 sets) informational display. It gives feedbacks on time, floors climbed, calories, speed, level, heart rate, profile, Watts and METs. 

Pros: With the non-slip footplates, it ensures perfect grip and you can exercise without any worries. Variation of foot positions is also included and users of any sizes can benefit from it. Various programs like manual, interval (hill, random), goal (time, distance, calories), multi FX (constant Watts, random), heart rate (target heart rate, weight loss), fit test, warm up and cool down are supported and it expands your workout options. One-touch quick start allows easy operation and access of the device. Heart rate measurement is also available here. It works using chain / multi-groove poly-V belt and independent step drive system. Integration of reading rack and bottle rack makes exercising comfortable and enjoyable. The device of 118 x 93 x 161 size and 93 kg weight support maximum user weight of 182 kg. Multi-position support handrails ensures perfect grip and you can work out with ease.

cons: None

conclusion: Johnson S8000 Full Commercial Stepper is perfect for commercial use and it is perfect for professional athletes. The device supports 20 resistance levels to cater to the individual work out needs. Backed up with 2 years parts and labour warranty, you can use the device with complete peace of mind.

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