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Johnson W8000 Full Commercial Air/Magnetic Rower

By: Rex Inego | Jun 10, 2009 10:08 AM

Designed for commercial use, Johnson W8000 Full Commercial Air/Magnetic Rower comes with Hybrid Brake System offering extra resistance levels of up to 15. It is an air rower of high quality ideal for cardio workouts. It weighs nearly 45kg.

Complete with foot pedals which can be adjusted fully, it has transport wheels for easy and convenient manoeuvrability. With dimensions of 267 cm x 56 cm x 119 cm, it doesnt consume much space enabling compact placement. Provided with a seat ensuring comfort by running easily on the single rail of the rower, it comes fitted with a console of large LCD display. It gives the feedback on distance, speed, time, Stroke, watts, calories and heart rate.

The console also provides race and training programs. The rower features telemetric heart rate monitoring and the belt for chest is optional.

Pros: One among the best rowers available, it is user friendly and has more features and functions providing useful workouts than the ordinary rowers. Build up with durable parts and materials; it can last for longer periods. The machine is completely programmable for added benefits.

cons: It is a bit costly as well as loud creating disturbance to your ears. You would have to plug the unit for the working of the console.

conclusion: Simple to use and versatile, this rower provides great cardio workout programmes making it ideal for all those people seeking performance and quality oriented air rowers.

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