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By: Rex Inego | Jul 26, 2004 03:33 PM

I bought these goggles when purchasing all my other gear from my local paintball field.

These goggles are expensive, and i think that the money could be better spent on different goggles at a lower price, although mine came with a rubber mouth guard and a spare set of lenses. The lenses installed are tinted, so in sunny conditions these are great, but they are not so good for rec days out when you are in the woods as it can be hard to see everyone in the dark conditions.

Pros: The JT Spectra goggles are very comfortable and fit tightly on your head without you worrying if they might come off mid-game. Very stylish goggles with rubber mouth guard, which makes it easy for smokers to have a quick cigarette outside of the safe-zones. Very durable. Field of vision is good and you can see a lot with your peripheral vision. These paintball goggles have not steam up in any weather conditions that i've experienced.

cons: Quite expensive, and for less money there are some other good contenders out there. Changing lenses over can take some time.

conclusion: A good set of goggles, but in future i would look around for a better set for that money. However if there is nothing else available then these are a quality pair of protective goggles for your eyes, even if they are a little over-priced.

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