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Kettler Coach LS Rower

By: Andrew Wilson | Jul 19, 2011 07:23 AM

The Kettler Coach LS Rower from Kettler belongs to the rowing machine class of exercisers. Sized at 180 x 55 x 59 cm its maximum capacity is 130kg. This is one model that cannot be programmed. It consists of Magnetic Resistance Levels. 

The new version of the Kettler Coach LS Rower contains a linear guide rail for the security of the roller seat, and works rather silently.

The manual resistance is offered by the magnetic resistance system that does not wear easily. Other than just cardio workouts there are also quite a few exercises that can help the rower to work out various sets of muscles, when he is utilizing the padded board supplied with the equipment. 

Pros: Easy and convenient to use

cons: The rower cannot be programmed.

conclusion: The Equipment helps with some cardio workouts but because it cannot be programmed many people hesitate to purchase it.

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