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Kettler Ergo Coach LS Programmable Rower

By: Rex Inego | Jun 03, 2009 08:19 AM

Ideal for indoor training and premeditated to get the electronic and mechanical functions into perfect body function and ergonomic synchronization - Kettler Ergo Coach LS Programmable Rower works more muscle groups and puts the body through a wider range of motion.

Complete with unique features like sSYS, USB interface, Induction brake system, wireless polar heart rate transmitter, electronic LCD high resolution display, recovery pulse rate, bio-mechanically designed foot plates, sturdy power coated casters and quick attach back board and front foot plate, it offers immense options for a thorough workout.

Pros: This rower is perfect for a complete workout of muscles and joints with sophisticated technology and mechanical functions. With accurate calibration of the resistance system in concurrence with the userís capability to bring in the true performance instantly is unique to Ergocoach LS making distinctive from other rowers in the market. The Ergocoach LS, apart from rowing offers 16 strength training exercises for better convenience.

cons: Not known.

conclusion: With time and space a major problem for the busy working people worldwide, this rower provides the ideal solution and has a compact design.

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