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KFC Palmerston RD, Southsea

By: Rex Inego | Nov 12, 2005 04:24 PM

Possibly the worst KFC in existance! Located on Palmerston Road in Southsea.

We went there to grab a tastey meal after power kiting on Southsea Common. What we got was out of date beans, stale chips and... no word of a lie - Chicken that stank of Urine!

This is the 4th time i've been to this KFC since living in Southsea, and every time the food as been well below par but this time it was just shocking!

Pros: There really was nothing good about this KFC restaurant.

cons: Where to start? - The chips we recieved were cold and tasted stale. I dread to think how long they had been sitting there, but suffice to say, we couldn't bring ourselves to eat even half a bag (see images above). - The beans we ordered with our Bucket were aweful!!! See the attached images above to see what I mean. Not only that, but on the lid was a ''use-by'' sticker dated that day which was stuck over the top of an older one, dated 2 days earlier! So these beans were sitting there for 2 days AFTER their use-by date before they made it into our bucket! It's no wonder they look as disgraceful as they do! - The worst and most shocking part of our meal was that 2 pieces of chicken stank of stale urine. My advice? Don't go near the place! After all this, we didn't feel that we could even complain as all the staff in there were foriegn and couldn't really understand us when we were placing the order.

conclusion: Never have I ever been so let down by a KFC - I usually love the stuff but this is the 4th time the food has been terrible at KFC on Palmerston Road and I will not be returning - and I advise anyone to stay well clear. I give this KFC 1 out of 10 because it's really not deserving of anything more!

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