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By: Rex Inego | Jul 03, 2009 11:05 AM

Kingdom is a fragrance that arouses not just thoughts but sensations. It is brought out by Alexander Mcqueen, who himself is a renowned fashion designer. Stepping from a world of fashion to a completely different arena has yet again won him recognition and fame from all over. It includes neroli, ginger, rose, jasmine, cumin, sandalwood, copahu wood and myrrh which appease the senses all at once.

Sandalwood, known for its light yet irresistible scent is the primary component of this fragrance. This fragrance has many sides to it and its combinations of rare seduce the mind and body. Perfume has the power to draw others to you and this perfume in particular arouses mixed sensations from those around you.

When all this comes together, you get a unique and tempting fragrance making Kingdom, an irreplaceable perfume.

The outer side of the bottle is modern and reflective, which is in contrast to the dark interior. It is inspired by the Venetian glass. Bottle of this perfume is opaque which depicts the hidden depths and it is quiet heavy too.

Pros: At one look itself, you are likely to fall in love with the unique structured bottle, which is of a heart up side down. Squirt this perfume and indulge in a world, mysterious in itself. It is a perfect fusion of Calabrian Bergamot, Sicilian Mandarin and Tunisian Neroli. The unique blend of Cumin essence, Rose and Indian Jasmine petals stir up the emotions. The tempting blend of Bourbon vanilla and Indonesian myrrh lies on the base notes which is indeed very seductive. For the pungent touch, it is offered with notes of ginger in contrast to mild scent of Sandalwood and Copahu wood. This perfume has innocent, feministic and sensual essence to it. To feel this, she should intermingle with it some time alone and the perfume takes her away to dreamy land.

cons: Too expensive and is not affordable for every women.

conclusion: The symbol of birth and rebirth, the cycle of renewal is denoted in the oval form of this perfume bottle. The power to capture makes this perfume a must have for all women. The scent stays longer and it gets even better as night falls. Carry it in your bag and it can change your world within minutes. The scent clings to your dress for days.

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