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Kingfisher’s Portable Washing Machine

By: Amelia Janet | Jun 23, 2011 03:27 AM

In the fast-moving world, man wants just about everything in his pockets. After putting the whole world into his mobile phones, laptops and tablets, there are just a very few things man cannot do on the move. One of it is his laundry work. Hey, but hold on, it seems though as if even that is going to retire from the list with the introduction of the new Kingfisher's portable washer designed by Robert Forrester.


This piece of discovery is just perfect for general camping needs and other travel needs. The machine is portable and is operated manually. This washing machine also features a built-in ceramic water filter that does away with all the sediments and bacteria present in water and the activated carbon can also eliminate the chemicals present in it.

The user can place a hose inside water and use the pump in the machine to get water into the barrel. The handle present in the machine is used to rotate the drum which causes the necessary agitation to clean the clothes. As soon as the wash cycle ends, water is shifted to the base through the available grill and is further filtered and collected to an outlet. It is believed that this water is clean enough for cooking and bathing purposes.

Well! Can this washing machine redefine the scenario of Green Earth?




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