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Kneipp Calendula Foot Spray 100ml

By: Chris Kevin | Sep 15, 2011 06:51 AM

Kneipp Calendula Foot Spray 100ml is an essential foot care product for everyone. Most of us ignore foot care which is very necessary. The foot spray is formulated to moisturize, recondition and soothe the foot skin. It softens the hard skin and removes the dryness completely. 

Containing necessary elements including sage oil and menthol, the foot-spray works effectively on every skin type. Presence of Rosemary oil makes the spray a stress reliever. It cools your feet, invigorates and removes the tiredness. The Calendula foot spray can be used with other Calendula foot care products or individually. In both ways, it creates excellent and long lasting results. 

Pros: Available in a 100ml container, this foot spray lasts for long. It restores the life of your foot skins and keeps them in good condition. This foot-spray improved blood circulation and rejuvenates the foot skin. If you have problem with foot odours then this product is a perfect choice for you. It prevents bad foot odour at the same time offers a mild scent. It comes in an easy to use 100ml bottle. The nozzle of the bottle provides excellent spray action. This is a basic and important step to effective foot care.

cons: None

conclusion: With all the essential ingredients, the Kneipp Calendula Foot Spray offers healthy and glowing feet. You can use the foot spray to ward off dryness from your feet. Get good looking and soft feet with this specially formulated foot spray.

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