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Know About Bluetooth Laptop Mouse and USB Laptop Mouse

By: Amelia Janet | Sep 29, 2011 08:34 AM

Everyone who uses a computer, whether it is a laptop or a desktop will know the significance of a mouse. The old mouse of yesteryears have been replaced with more state-of-the-art technology mouse and today you can try using the Bluetooth Mouse or the USB Mouse that can be used both on desktop as well as the laptop computers. Usually most laptops are provided with two USB ports and a USB laptop mouse consists of an adaptor that you can plug into the USB port. The USB optical mouse is also something that can be plugged into the USB flash disk port. Practically all such optical mouse does not generally require a mouse pad as they have an optical sensor. This is not the case with the Bluetooth laptop mouse. They do not require to be plugged in anywhere as they are wireless, nor do they, like the USB laptop mouse, have two USB ports. Therefore they can function without the flash disk port or USB receiver. Invariably laptops that are Bluetooth enabled do not require any software to be installed for the mouse. The Bluetooth and the USB mouse are run on triple A batteries. The only difference is, as mentioned earlier, in the case of the Bluetooth mouse you are required to use the Bluetooth technology that is already there in the laptop by default. This is not so in the USB flash disk mouse which requires just two USB ports or receivers. The USB laptop mouse is quite cheap and suit all brands of laptops. Further they are powerful enough to trap all the signals, while the Bluetooth laptop mouse is better as the receiver is part of the laptop components and the mouse straight away connects with the Bluetooth desktop machine without having to be plugged into any USB ports. This means that the USB ports are free for you to plug in some other device. Consider all the options before you select a mouse. If you feel that you would prefer a sensitive mouse where you do not have to exert much pressure to your wrist and hands one of these mouse can be what you really require. They have button on the mouse that help to reduce the pressure you exert especially if you happen to be an avid online gamer. In addition if you are at your machine for the major part of the day it would be in your interest to get yourself a mouse that is not only comfortable but also convenient to use and there are less chances that you could end up suffering from the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.




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