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KY Jelly Lubricant

By: Amelia Janet | Apr 05, 2011 07:13 AM

One of the most trusted lubricants singe ages this product has been the reliable product to heighten the sexual pleasure. It offers lubrication by complimenting personal moisture and offers a comfort too. It is gentle and well suited for regular use and is safe for use with latex condoms as well. 

Pros: A totally new packing for easily distinguishing it from other products this jelly is easier to use, rinse off and is 100% non-staining and perfume free. Ideal for regular use too it offers comfort and enhances the real natural feel during sex.

cons: In comparison to their older formula this one tends to be easily disintegrating resulting watery mess.

conclusion: Safe, trusted and renowned since decades this 75 ml lubricant is safe on the skin and well suited for regular use. It offers superb lubrication adding to the heightened pleasure.

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