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La Tasca - Gunwharf Quays, Portsmouth

By: Rex Inego | Oct 17, 2004 11:17 AM

La Tasca is a Spanish Tapas restaurant, which means you order a selection of dishes, which everyone at the table shares and eats off the small plates given to each person eating.

La Tasca is an adorable restaurant inside with a very warm atmosphere. Like almost every restaurant in Gunwharf Quays, the food is excellent, as is the service and interior decoration.

The food ranges from things like Paella to Sauteed Potatoes, and i'm yet to eat something that I don't like from La Tasca.

Pros: You are usually seated immediately and it's not long before your order is taken. The food tastes great, and with two of you eating, the bill will usually cost about ?22 with drinks, which is very reasonable, considering you're eating in such a great environment with excellent service, eating great tasting food. One of the best decorated restaurants i've ever been to, and the warm atmosphere (due to the orange lighting) makes you feel at home.

cons: The menu is quite a long one, and seeing as you have to order about 3 dishes for each person at the table, it becomes hard to remember exactly what you want, so you end up having to hold fingers over the different things you wish to order so as to remember them, which is quite hard to do when the menu is so long. When ordering a coke or similar drink, the glasses are filled with lots of chunky ice cubes, so you don't get a lot of drink. When asking for no ice, you'll be given a smaller glass, so you never end up with any more coke.

conclusion: Try La Tasca over any other restaurant in the area due to it's uniqueness. You will not be dissapointed with La Tasca, and i'm sure you'll return again and again

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