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Lacoste Joy of Pink

By: Chris Kevin | Sep 22, 2011 06:03 AM

The captivating scent of Lacoste Joy of Pink will make everyone go crazy. Designed for today’s woman, this perfume has a refreshing and evoking scent. Inspired by Curaçao cocktail, this perfume revitalizes your spirits and keeps you energized. Grapefruit and Blue Curaçao makes the base of this perfume and this makes it fantastic. 


LACOSTE Pink Collection receives another boost with the introduction of Joy of Pink perfume. It is sure to win admiration, like its cousins Touch of Pink and Love of Pink. 


Pros: The perfume comes in an attractive and well-designed bottle. The pink shade is very apt for this perfume, as it epitomizes the feminine side of the woman. This 50ml bottle is filled with vitality and charm. This perfume is perfect when you are hanging out with friends or going out for parties. Heart notes of this perfume comprises of Blue Curaçao and Peony, while the base notes are Cedar Wood and Musky Notes. Though, it opens as a strong and vibrant smell, it finishes off with warmth notes. Joy of Pink is a true expression of love and friendship, wear and receives all the admiration.

cons: None

conclusion: Get noticed amidst the crowd with a vibrant and youthful smell from Lacoste Joy of Pink. Quirt a few drops wherever you go and leave an enchanting trail behind.

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