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Lacoste Touch of Sun

By: Rex Inego | Jul 06, 2009 09:26 AM

The feminine fragrance, Lacoste Touch of Sun expresses dishevelled elegance and style, packaged in a charming bottle with shades of the setting sun. The Eau de Toilette comes in 50ml quantity and it is sure to last long as just 1-2 sprays are all that is needed to keep you fresh all day long.

For giving that extra feel of confidence and power to the females, this EDT comes blended with floral hints of rose, peony and jasmine and fruity tones of grapes and bright citrus.

Pros: Ideal for summer or evening wear, this fragrance ensures the true liveliness of summer, re-energising one to the fullest. Available in an eye-catching and colourful bottle, it gives out great smell and lasts long for hours without fading away. Priced affordably, it offers value for your money, thereby making it recommendable for all modern women.

cons: Nil.

conclusion: The fragrance synonym to luxury and elegance, it is ideal for women and with all its powerful fruit and floral tones, it would definitely remind you of a relaxing summer holiday!

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