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Learn How to Increase the Life of Your Laptop Battery

By: Chris Kevin | Nov 29, 2011 09:54 AM

Laptop batteries are pretty expensive and you realize this only when you find that your laptop battery has finally given up on you. Did you know that you can increase the life of your laptop battery? Given below are some simple tips that can assist you to extend your laptop battery life and thereby not have to constantly keep it connected to the mains. Some simple steps and alterations in the laptop settings and you will find that you would not have to carry your charger with you all the time. Look For Battery Power You can find out how much life there is in your battery by looking at the icon in the Windows 7 notifications place, or in the system tray if you happen to be having an earlier edition of windows. When you click on the icon, you will be able to know exactly how much longer your battery will last and also the present power plan. Switch off Wireless Other than this, you can utilize the Windows Mobility Centre option to switch the networking wireless off or on. When the system is not connected, Windows will by default try to find out whether you can connect to other networks that it can connect up with and this brings down the charge in your laptop battery. Therefore the best thing to do is to turn off the wireless completely. This will help save battery power. Alter the Power Options When you left click on the battery icon, a menu will appear. In this menu choose the Power Options. By coincidence the other alternative on this menu will allow you to switch off or switch on other icons that are found in the notifications area. Choose a Power Plan In the Power Options, you will be allowed to alter the settings that will influence in which way your laptop uses up energy. You will be in a position to save power when you think you need to be careful and at the same time avail of enhancement if and when necessary. Alter a Plan You have the option to select any one of the plans that you see on the menu or even make your own plan by utilizing the choice that is given in the main window. There are chances that your system has been set to a certain plan that has been set by the manufacturers and in all probability this particular plan may not be ideal for energy consumption. You have the option to alter any of these settings. Advanced Settings In your laptop you also have the option to “Change Advanced Power Settings”, which will permit you to alter alternative power choices that are usually micro-managed by the Windows operating system. This could include the time after which the system will reset the hard disk. Though such alterations can influence the performance of the laptop to a small extent, it can quite certain increase the life of the battery. Decrease the Light on the Laptop Screen This could be very significant in increasing battery life because the display screen has a lot to do with the consumption of energy from the battery. There are laptops screen that are said to consume almost 40% of battery power whenever it laptop is used. You can lower the light on the screen by making use of the shortcuts on the laptop keyboard. Take off Extra Fittings When you are not using them take off anything like a Pen drive or USB stick which will be using up the power of your battery. These peripherals are believed to be a big source of drainage of power. It would be in your interest to utilize the track pad when you are not connected to an electrical source for energy. Take out CDs or DVDs If you happen to have a CD or DVD in your laptop, ensure that, when you are not using it, you take it out of the laptop. If it is in the drive, it will spin frequently such that the operating system can detect its presence and give you details regarding it. This spinning means that battery power is being used up, so if you would like to save battery power it would be a good idea to remove the discs to extend the life of your laptop battery.




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