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Learn the Working of the Laptop Keyboard

By: Chris Kevin | Oct 18, 2011 03:57 AM

Typically laptop keyboards can be said to have originated from the traditional mechanical typewriters of yester years that did not require the use of electricity. The laptop keyboards utilize varied switch technologies. The capacitive switches are said to be non-mechanical as they do not finish a complete circuit which is the case in keyboard technologies in other laptops. In the capacitive switches there is electricity flowing into the complete keyboard matrix. Each key on the keyboard is spring-loaded and they have minute plates that are fixed to the underside of the key. When a key is depressed the plate beneath it mover closer to the plate under it, thereby altering the flow of electricity through the matrix. The processor in the laptop recognizes this alteration and construes that it is a key press for that particular location. These types of switches are pricey, but they do not have the hassle of bounce, as there is no contact between the two surfaces. The capacitive switch laptop keyboards are more durable than other laptop keyboards. Today ergonomic laptop keyboards are available that look like the flat rectangular shaped editions with commonplace square keys. Some of the trendy laptop keyboards can be rolled folded and even light up when in use and there are still other types where you can set up your own commands and shortcuts. The crux of the matter is that in spite of the variety of laptop keyboards that are currently available in the market today all of them work on the same principle. This technology makes use of switches and circuits to convert your keystrokes into something that can be easily understood by the computer. As you already know a keyboard be it a laptop or a desktop keyboard is an input device and is used to type data using shortcuts, access menus, to play different games, as well as do many other things. Different keyboards have different keys based on who is making them, the operating system it has been developed for and also whether it is for a laptop or for desktop use. The point is that no matter what laptop you are using, the size and shape of the keys that are also known as keycaps will be the same. In addition they are also located at same distances and in similar patterns even if the language and the alphabet on the keys are different.




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