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Legend of Zelda, The: Twilight Princess (Wii)

By: Rex Inego | Nov 20, 2006 06:05 PM

For once living in the US paid off lol. I picked this up with my Wii on the 19th of November 2006. Please let me assure you that it has not dissapointed. I have indeed become so immersed in the story that I take no notice of my surroundings. You could rob me and I wouldnt notice until you tried to take my Wii. It really is that good.

Pros: This is the Zelda we have been waiting for. Its story is amazing, it just sort of sucks you in and won't let you go until you switch off which it makes amazingly hard. I find myself thinking ''Ok I'll just finish this dungeon and I'll stop'' and a few hours later I still havn't! This is also the darkest Zelda yet, if you watched the video review on IGN you would have seen that freaky cutscene, well I've seen a few so far. The atmospher is terrific, dungeons are creepy and the bosses are amazing. Midna is funny but I'm still not sure about her. Visual effects are a big part of this game. In the twilight realm this is most apparrent, bloom and particle effects are most prominent there. Exploration possibilitys, practically anywhere is reachable, I havn't explored too much but Hyrule is HUGE! I mean about 10 times the size of Ocarina of Time maybe more. This adventure will certainly keep a casual gamer going well into the new year. It's definitly a must have purchase for any Wii gamer in my opinion. If you don't purchase it your missing out on one of the most amazing experiences availiable in gaming.

cons: Well people comment about the music and graphics. I personally don't agree but I have to admit textures can me a little rough in places. Also it would be nice to have more orchestrated music even though whats there is pretty atmospheric anyway.

conclusion: I'm giving this 100% If they cleared up what I talked about it would be 110% lol It really is unmissable. Get it. cheers mrmuse64

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