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Legend of Zelda, The: Twilight Princess (Wii)

By: Rex Inego | Jan 22, 2007 06:01 PM

Once players have accepted the fact that Twilight Princess is essentially a Gamecube game, theyre in store for an admittedly pretty adventure.Twilight Princess features draw distances that beat out even next-generation software on MicrosoftҒs Xbox 360, such as Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Of course, it also features the longest draw distances weve seen in the franchise, so far. In Hyrule field, on a clear day, Link can see far into the distance. Other times, the gameҒs draw distance is skewed by different special effects, such as a mirage. And throughout all of this, the game never suffers any framerate problems.

The games real-time lighting is impressive. When the sun sets, a scene of dusk engulfs LinkҒs view. When the sun rises, on the other hand, a realistic portrayal of dawn swallows the world of Hyrule before players very eyes. In the sky, clouds realistically move over the land. Some days it rains, and some days seem to be foggier than others. All these things blend together creating a visual experience that despite technical inferiorities is undeniably good-looking.

LinkҒs character model human or wolf ֖ is the most detailed in the game, minus one or two story-important characters, which are just as detailed. Regrettably, some of the NPCs (non-playable characters) dont look nearly as detailed. In the town of Hyrule, this is dramatized by the fact that a large number of characters are moving around on screen, many of which look identical to each other.

Ultimately, what makes Twilight Princess a good-looking game after having played next-gen software on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 is its art style and direction. NintendoҒs team has an imaginative vision of The Legend of Zelda, and it brings it to life nicely. Twilight Princess is a seasonal adventure with many different locales, each uniquely different than the last. The adventure stays fresh throughout because of this, and its made even more memorable because of it as well. Of course, nice special effects Җ even simple ones like particle effects when smashing crates, wind effects when throwing the Gale Boomerang and others help a lot, too.

Twilight Princess features a fascinating storyline ֖ one thats more developed than any in a Zelda game before. From the get-go, there is more storyline, cut-scenes and dialogue in Twilight Princess than any other Zelda to precede it. Best of all, the adventure is one of LinkҒs moodiest and darkest. And Twilight Princess gameplay, the very thing that makes Zelda Zelda, delivers. Remarkably, this adventure is home to some of the best dungeons in the franchise.

ItҒs on a technological level that Twilight Princess doesnt perform quite as well. The gameҒs textures are blurry and unimpressive. This is, after all, a GameCube game, and thats something to consider. The Wii can do better, and I expect it to do better in the future. The lack of voice-acting sometimes makes Twilight Princess feel like itҒs stuck in the past. Thankfully, the storyline is so entertaining that youll quickly forgive this imperfection. The same is true even when it comes to the gameҒs visuals, which while employing unattractive textures, impress with appealing art direction.

Pros: The normal great Zelda have been amazingly enhanced by the Wii Remote Challenging, yet rewarding gameplay

cons: Lack of the Camera Control introduced in Wind Waker Lack of sidequests mean once you've completed this, you probably won't pick it up again

conclusion: For many, Twilight Princess will be better than Ocarina of Time. And for many, it will quickly become their favorite game of all time, to boot. Twilight Princess is an excellent, excellent adventure that shouldnt be missed Җ Zelda fan or not. Twilight Princess enjoys flirting with perfection, delivering a truly fulfilling experience that makes purchasing a Wii worth every penny. Nintendo went all-out on Twilight Princess, and it shows.

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