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Legend of Zelda, The: Twilight Princess (Wii)

By: Rex Inego | Mar 25, 2007 10:06 PM

The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess

[Publiher: Nintendo][Developer: Nintendo][PEGI 12+][Genre: Action Adventure][Released: 08.12.06]

The title every Nintendo and Zelda fan has been waiting for, for 4 years exactly, and the true sequel to Ocarina of Time, one of the greatest games ever relased in the history of gaming in 1998. Sure, it's just a flipped up Wii port of the GCN version, but it's still a must have for its excellent and seamless control transition from GameCube controller to the Wii Remote and Nunchuk. It's got cleverly designed levels, and a great (but could be better) storyline you'll wanna stick, complete with one of the best character designs I've seen, espcially the new Link, and (a few) expertly created cutscenes. Every Zelda fan should have this game by now (and if you haven't, what's your excuse???) and it's great for people new to the series, as well as a good start to your Wii library. I finished it in a whopping 65 hours and I'm still trying to squeeze as much as possible out of the game, such as fishing, white water rafting, exploring the vast Hyrule Field and finding all those Heart Pieces. Talk about lifespan! It also has some breathtaking visuals, topped off with a spiritual feel, and looks just as good as a lot of next-gen titles I've seen, although from a technical point of view (I'm looking at you PC gamers here!) it rarely takes advantage of the Wii hardware, since it is a GCN port with a little bit of a visual update, although it does show the understated power of the nearly-deceased GameCube. Still, gripes aside, the next Zelda will be designed from the ground up, and for the meantime, you can't look much further for a game that is sure to delight, excite and maybe upset you when you've finally finished this title. Just play it slowly to experience the magic moments! A true classic, although in my opinion, still not better than OoT.

Pros: > The best reason to buy a Wii. > Some unforgettable set pieces in the storyline. > Vast areas to behold and explore. > Understated visuals. Not as good as most next-gen titles, but it feels like art. > One of the best control methods on Wii, even if they were added from a GCN port. > Nice mini-games, espcially fishing and water rafting. > Amazing, sumptuous soundtrack. Although most are still MIDIs, there are at least 3 fully orchestrated pieces in the game. > It shows, once again, Nintendo's classic touch in game development. It's Ninty, so you're guaranteed gaming quality!

cons: > It's essentially a GCN port so it doesn't really use the Wii's hardware capabilities. > No voice acting. Come on Nintendo, leave Link silent, but let the NPCs talk! > Not much replayabilty after going back to complete it 100%, unless you play it every 8 months or so. > If you've played al the 3D Zelda games, it may be too easy for you, although it really doesn't ruin the overall experience.

conclusion: Well, what's there to say? If you miss this, you've missed out on of the most amazing achievments in gaming since Ocarina of Time 9 years ago. As well as being utterly charming and captivating, Zelda: Twilight Princess should be played by every self-claimed hardcore gamer, regardless of gaming preference. Once again, a true classic.

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