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Legend of Zelda, The: Twilight Princess (Wii)

By: Rex Inego | May 08, 2007 05:08 PM

Well we waited for this game for more than a year, while clinging onto hopes it would live up to expectation, and did it? Yes!!!
This is The best zelda game in the current series and was defantly worth the wait.
firstly you start of a small village as a farm boy but then you get possesed and can turn into a wolf, then you go and save hyrule from the evil king ganon.
As you would proberly already know this is a game of two halfs (the wolf and link). Personally I enjoy link more as the scenery is usualy nice and colourful when you are link, but dark when you are the wolf.
The hyrule map is massive and you need epona otherwise it might take you a good 10 mins just to get to the other side of hyrule.

Pros: -Its zelda!! -The wait is over -fun -Not hard but not easy -good gameplay -good graphics -very big map -long dungeons

cons: -when you save in a dungeon and turn off you start at the beggining -bosses are easy sometimes (very rarely) gets boring

conclusion: overall zelda is the best game on wii and gamecube. with stunning graphics ,a huge map and superb gameplay I can see why.

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