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By: Rex Inego | Apr 27, 2009 05:36 AM

Legoland Windsor is situated in Windsor and is especially designed for children. This park was opened in 1996. At present it is operated by Merlin Entertainments. The main attraction of this park is the Lego models, Lego-themed rides and Lego building workshop. This park is open to all children between two and twelve. The journey begins with the ticket gates, booths, guest services and Annual pass room. Apart from that you have cash machines and toilet facilities. Next to that comes the Creation Centre which was opened in 2001. Here, children can watch the models made up by the Model Maker Workshop, which will indeed be an enjoyable experience for them. This area gives a picture of the Crown Jewels and the creation of the cockpit of the Boeing 747. Next you can also have an experience in Rocket Racers, which allows visitors to build a virtual car and with the help of the driver you can race through the virtual world.

The next attraction is the hill train which travels down a curved slope. Chug-chugging in this train, you can have a look at the translucent Lego brick designed by local school children. There is an Imagination Centre which lies above the Miniland and it is the park for educational workshops and there are also a number of rides present in this Imagination Centre. This workshop teaches the visitors how to use the Lego Mindstorms NXT line. Some of the rides are Space Tower and the Sky Rider. In the Imagination Centre there is a theatre where 4D films are screened.

At Miniland you have a Miniature park. Some of the London buildings like the Gherkin, London eye; Canary Wharf and the Millennium Bridge are the eye-catchers of the miniature park. Apart from that it also includes sections like Brighton Pier, Smiths Arms Wiltshire, Stonehenge and the Angle of the North. Duplo Gardens are especially made for children with many riders. There is an area named 'Traffic' where kids can have a drive in small cars. At the Lego City live stunt shows are performed. At the Land of the Vikings there are different types of river rides. Some of the other attractions are the Kingdom of the Pharaohs, Wild woods, Knights Kingdom, Adventure Land, Q-Bot and Souvenirs. You also have stalls for food and drink.

Some of the special events include the After Dark, Lego land Live, Amazing Machines Fireworks and Christmas openings are present with Santas Toy Factory.

Pros: Especially designed for children. Several rides are bound to make you re-visit, atleast for the kids. A variety of attractions.

cons: Quite expensive. Long queues a put-off.

conclusion: A nice place to visit. Kids are sure to have a ball, and mine are dying to go again!

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